Future farming

Future farming

These ideas, says the SA, have the potential to transform farming…

The Soil Association has launched a new report setting out six ‘game-changing’ ideas for the future of UK farming policy after we leave the EU – and there’s plenty in it that will chime with gardeners of all persuasions.

The proposals are:

  • A national agroforestry strategy
  • Investing in soil
  • A tipping point for organic
  • A good life for farm animals
  • Support for farmer innovation
  • Making the most of public procurement

These ideas, says the SA, have the potential to transform farming and land use at the scale and pace required to meet multiple challenges, from tackling climate change and nature degradation to supporting rural livelihoods and improving public health.

The agroforestry proposal, for instance, builds upon a proven horticultural technique. Agroforestry brings trees into fields. They can be in rows through crops, dotted through pasture like parkland, or planted closer together to provide cover for plants or animals. Agroforestry can increase yields and profitability, boost resilience through diversity, and deliver big environmental benefits. It would dramatically mitigate soil erosion, nitrogen leaching and biodiversity loss, while increasing carbon sequestration.




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