Stuck at home? We're here for you!

Stuck at home? We’re here for you!

Here at Kitchen Garden, we know things are tough right now. Lots of you can’t get to the shops, or leave the house full stop.

But – we are here for you, and we hope that we can help you escape into your garden and enjoy growing your own.

Thanks to these unmissable offers on both print and digital subscriptions and single issues of Kitchen Garden, you can enjoy instant access on your favourite device, or we can deliver the latest issues direct to your front door.


We’ve got four fantastic options for you to choose from:

1. Print subscription

12 issues for £29.99 PLUS 20 packs of seeds.


2. Digital subscription

12 issues for £28.99 PLUS 20 packs of seeds.


3. Printed Single issue

Only £5.99

4. Digital single issue


Only £3.99

Offer expires 8 May, 2020. So, stay safe at home and enjoy reading!

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