We’re giving away £1,807 worth of prizes in July!

Here are some exclusive Kitchen Garden giveaways for July 2021 – worth a staggering £1,807!

To enter to win these prizes, all you need to do is fill in your details in the form at the bottom of the page before the end of June 25, 2021.

Here’s what you could win this month:


Summer gardening sorted

Three lucky readers will be all set for summer with a bumper bundle of top products from Westland gardening brands.

The Flopro Softflo Spray Gun (RRP £19.99) has been designed with a unique setting that mixes water with air to create a gentle water flow – perfect for watering basket and container plants. Connect it to the Flopro Smartflo No Kink Hose System (40m £69.99), the first hose that unkinks itself, to make watering a breeze. A Green Watering Can completes the watering trio.

To keep your plants flourishing this summer, Westland Rose High Performance Liquid Plant Food and Ericaceous High Performance Liquid Plant Food have been tailored to increase flowering and also build immunity for longer-lasting, more resilient plants.


Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food is enriched with essential nutrients for a big and tasty yield, while Westland’s Growing Success pesticide-free Bug Stop, Rose Guard and Fungus Stop will eliminate pests and diseases quickly and safely without harming beneficial insects.

The Kent & Stowe Capability Trowel (£14.99) has a multitude of functions, including a serrated edge for cutting roots and opening compost bags, a pointed tip for tackling tough soils, a robust hammer for anchoring in canes and a depth scale for planting, making it the only trowel you will ever need.

Find out more at www.gardenhealth.com


We have three Westland prize bundles, each worth £150.90, to give away.

Planting in harmony

Symphony Planters from Primeur’s Tierra Verde collection include a built-in self-watering system and are made from recycled rubber tyres that would otherwise take up to 80 years to decompose in landfill.

In addition to being an eco-friendly choice that helps to reduce the impact of waste rubber on the environment, Tierra Verde planters are extremely durable – think what a tyre has to go through!


These planters will last year after year. They are also uniquely weatherproof. Rubber has an impressive ability to expand and contract in varying temperatures, so freezing winters and hot summers won’t cause any degradation.

They are UV-resistant – rubber won’t fade in direct sunlight – and mould-resistant, so can be left outside all winter without succumbing to unsightly green mould. They are also lightweight, so they are easy to move around the garden, and won’t break in transit.

Find out more at www.primeur.co.uk

We have three sets of two 70cm Symphony Planters, worth £119.98 per set, to give away.

The Natural Choice

Natural Grower’s 100% plant-based organic fertiliser products are approved organic by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers, by the Vegan Society as free from animal matter, and by the Biodynamic Association for use in organic and biodynamic growing.

The by-product of a renewable energy plant that produces electricity for the National Grid, Natural Grower fertilisers contain all the essential nutrients and trace elements that plants need to thrive.

With a balanced NPK of 3.6:1.5:3.7, they can be used to feed flowers, fruit and vegetables, lawns and trees. Sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical-free and safe for wildlife, they can also be used to feed indoor plants.

Natural Grower’s Natural Liquid Fertiliser is diluted in a watering can and poured around the base of your plants. It is pH-neutral, so if you dilute it with rainwater to make it slightly acidic, it can also be used to feed acid-loving plants.

Find out more at www.naturalgrower.co.uk

We have seven 10-litre cans of Natural Liquid Fertiliser, each worth £34.99, to give away.

Join the eco-adventure

New from Prime8, Primasia Chapter One – The Birth of Primopolis is an environmental computer game that will grow your children’s eco-enthusiasm bigger than the smile it plants on their faces.

Be part of the environmental adventure, helping Amanda Panda and her friends succeed in their mission of sustainable discovery. Protect against environmental villains and build the capital of Prime8 island, Primopolis, using sustainable resources.

Trade in the market or restaurant for Darwinians, solve puzzles, and complete tasks to enable you to repair the Rickety Bridge and journey to Green Mountain!

Join Professor Patrick Prawn and his team in his weekly environmental news bulletin and immerse yourself in their journey, ‘Protecting Our Tomorrows’, by subscribing to Prime8 News on YouTube, and you’ll find that crops aren’t the only thing that will grow!

No one loses out in this giveaway – search ‘Primasia Prologue’ on the AppStore or Google Play for a free planet-saving game.

Find out more at www.prime8.info, or by following www.facebook.com/Prime8Intl or www.twitter.com/Prime8_intl

We have 30 copies of Primasia Chapter One – The Birth of Primopolis, each worth £24.99, to give away.

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