Visit London Square Open Garedns Weekend 11-12 June 2022

A weekend of discovery unearthing London’s hidden gems by foot or bike 

As well as opening up over 100 hidden green spaces across the capital, London Square Open Gardens Weekend will be organising over 30 guided walks and cycle rides this year. 

The event, on June 11th & 12th, supported by residential developer London Square, will feature a host of walks uncovering some little-known nooks, crannies and fascinating facts as expert guides lead tours through blooming gardens, parks and hidden streets, steeped in history.  

The expert-led walks will reveal the role of monastic orders during the reign of Henry VIII and how the city has been an inspiration for countless poets – not to mention the scandals of the Bloomsbury set.  

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From the past to the present day, the leisurely strolls will offer something for all ages and interests. The Roman influence on the city and the cutting edge, sustainable architecture, are just some of the themes explored over the course of the weekend. 

A classical music-inspired tour will explore London’s rich musical heritage and visit some of the country’s most important musical venues, including where Chopin gave his last public recital. 

Coutts private bank, on The Strand, founded in 1692, will be opening up the Coutts Skyline Garden, which supplies fresh produce for its restaurant to a limited number of people selected by ballot. Guided tours led by executive chef, Peter Fiori from high above the bustling West End streets, lucky visitors can experience the tranquillity of this exclusive setting and enjoy commanding views of Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column.  

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Helen Monger, director of London Gardens Trust, said: “These walks and rides will complement a weekend where scores of green spaces across the city, that the public rarely get to experience, unlock their doors.  These wonderful interlinking spaces that make up the matrix of London contribute to the environment and provide so much for everyone to enjoy whether by bike or on foot.” 

Cycling tours, for the over 11’s, led by the trust’s resident expert, will offer exercise and insight into some of the city’s hidden secrets. 

Wander round the shady back streets of Kings Cross with a former policeman, turned tour guide, to discover the area’s Dickensian past.  The Royal College of Physicians with their medicinal and poisonous plants and Prince Regent’s grand scheme to make London the most magnificent city in Europe are yet more of the highlights on offer this year. 

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A valid London Squares Open Garden Weekend ticket must be purchased to join the walking, cycling and Coutts Skyline Garden tours. 

Places for the Coutts Skyline Garden tour are limited and allocated by ballot and if selected, the tour will cost £3 per person. Walks need to be booked in advance, as places are limited, and will require an additional non-refundable fee of £3 to secure a slot. 

To book tickets for the weekend, guided walks and cycle tours and for other information, please visit: 

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A map of participating gardens can be found HERE 

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