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This month I’m delighted to announce a change that I believe KG readers will love.

Your January issue will arrive in the shops and on your doormats at the end of December and not, as in recent years, at the end of November. But fear not, to make sure you still have a copy of Kitchen Garden each month we have a superb winter issue on sale in late November to tide you over till 2023! This will go on sale at the end of November and will herald subsequent issues of KG being available at the end of the month preceding their publication date.

This is in response to comments from many readers who told us they would prefer to receive their copy when all the advice and top tips are most relevant, rather than a month beforehand. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and the eve of a new gardening season seems the right time to do it.

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To facilitate the move, our next issue – Winter 2022, on sale November 24 – will be a special one. It will contain all the down-to-earth advice you expect from all the great writers you love but packed with even more inspiration and tips for the months ahead. Your January issue will be launched on December 22, so there will be no break in your subscription or availability in the shops and no break in the supply of free seeds we know you enjoy so much. The magazine will be the same great value, particularly if you subscribe for just £25 for 6 issues*, PLUS you’ll get 20 packets of seeds, worth over £25!

Another result of this move is that when we wish you a happy Christmas in future, it may seem timelier. But since this is our December issue, let me take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive season on behalf of the KG team.

Best wishes,

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Steve Ott

Editor of Kitchen Garden magazine

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