Black Friday Bargains for savvy spenders

Black Friday is upon us once more and for those savvy spenders out there, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some fantastic kitchen and garden bargains.

We’ve selected a few finds, whether you’re after a new recipe book, a Christmas stocking filler or even if you’re looking to get a head start on your spring gardening, these Black Friday picks will certainly save you a few pennies!

30 Day Kick Start Plan by Joe Wicks

This year has been the year of ‘making do’ with staying in. Exercise and diet have certainly been on the back-burner for a lot of people, however the nation’s favourite PE teacher, Joe Wicks has created his 30-day plan for those looking to get back on the bandwagon.

This plan will help you create new habits, keep on track and feel brilliant inside and out, whether you’re simply lacking the motivation, or you don’t know where to start.

Food and fitness sensation Joe Wicks, aka the Body Coach, has helped millions keep fit and cook healthy, simple recipes.

Get started with your 30-day plan here:

Green Force Lawn Feed

With a triple action Hygeia Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller feeds the grass, kills weeds and moss all in one step. This product offers fantastic value as it has the most coverage per weight.

It treats 50sq m per kilo and this formula not only works out cheaper per sq. m than other products, but it also saves you time re-filling, saves cost on reordering charges and leaves you with less waste packaging.

It will kill a range of weed types, remove moss and fertilise the grass for a stronger and healthier looking lawn. You can expect to control weeds such as daisy, plantain, dandelion and clover too.

Grab this fantastic deal here:

Blooming Fast XL Allium Planting Kit

Look forward to an amazing display of alliums come springtime with this pairing of Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ and Allium roseum.

Seven huge, spherical, deep-purple heads of ‘Purple Sensation’ will appear amongst delicate pink Allium roseum flower heads, with their characteristic open clusters of star-shaped flowers.

Achieve fantastic results with minimum effort with this ingenious system, including a ready-planted, circular tray with bulbs in their ideal spacing. Simply dig a hole in your garden or container, drop the ‘bulb pod’ in and cover with compost or soil. Then water and wait for results!

Get the Allium Planting Kit here:

Poppy-Go Raised Planter

The VegTrug Poppy Go Planter is a good-looking planter that’s ideally suited to smaller gardens, patios or balconies. It’s brilliant for people who want to try their hand at growing their own but are limited on garden space.

The ‘V’ shape of the Poppy Go means that you’re still able to plant deep-rooted veggies within a small space.  It’s also perfect for those who only want to grow a few plants or those who would like to try gardening on a smaller scale.

The convenient height (79cm) of this handy and portable planter allows elderly gardeners and wheelchair users to garden without having to kneel or bend down to compromise posture. 

Fetch this planter here:

7 Ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week by Jamie Oliver

7 Ways by the ever reliable Jamie Oliver helps you to reinvent your favourite ingredients with more than 120 new, exciting and tasty recipes.

Jamie’s researched some of the top ingredients bought each week, including meal staples such as chicken breasts, salmon fillets, mince, eggs, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and more.

Being stuck at home has certainly made a lot of us consider different ways to create easy, nutritious meals for the whole family. So, rather than trying to change what we buy to suit a recipe, Jamie wants to give everyone new inspiration to produce great food from favourite supermarket ingredients.

Get 7 ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week here:

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