Fears for insects as numbers decline

Fears for insects as numbers decline

Wildlife and people will suffer if the rapid rate of decline in the number of insects is not stemmed, says a new report

Insect Declines and Why They Matter, a new report commissioned by an alliance of wildlife trusts in the South West, has concluded that the rapid decline in insect numbers as a result of pesticides will have a devastating effect on both wildlife and people.

Invertebrate expert Dave Goulson, professor of biology at the University of Sussex, says: “Wild insects are routinely exposed to complex cocktails of toxins which can cause either death or disorientation and weakened immune and digestive systems. The consequences are clear; if insect declines are not halted, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems will collapse, with profound consequences for human well-being.”


To find out more go to: www.wildlifetrusts.org

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