Five fantastic Robotic Lawn Mowers for Easy Garden Mantainence

Robotic lawn mowers are the way to go if you’re looking to modernise your garden care. Some of the latest models can do it all, without you doing a thing – besides turning it on of course.

They remember the shape of your garden, when it needs to mow and how to get back to it’s charging station when the job is done. These little gadgets are space-saving, time-saving and cost-effective!

Keep reading to discover some brilliant robotic lawn mowers to keep your garden looking trim…

LANDXCAPE LX799 300m2 Robotic Mower

Price: £279.99

The Landxcape LX799 300m2 Robotic Mower is the perfect helper for those smaller gardens. No programming is needed and the LX799 robot mower starts mowing at the tap of a button.

It comes with bump sensors and patented mowing cutting technology allowing the robot mower to easily navigate those trickier paths.

What’s more, it will automatically return to its docking station once the job is done, or to recharge when the battery is depleted. It mows as it moves into and out of the charging base too, meaning there’s no need for extra trimming.


  • Lawn area: 300m²
  • Cutting width: 16cm
  • Cutting height: 20-50mm
  • Battery power: 20V Max / 2.0 Ah Li-Ion
  • Charger: 0.5A

2. Flymo EasiLife 200 Robotic Lawn Mower

Price: £469.83

Whatever the weather the Flymo EasiLife 200 robotic Lawn Mower automatically cuts your grass so you don’t have to.

It independently mows a lawn of up to 200m² and it cuts any garden shape, tackling slope gradients of up to 35%. Simply install the hidden boundary wire to define the cutting area and off it goes.

The Flymo EasiLife Robotic Lawn Mower also features an intuitive Assist-U interface and Bluetooth smartphone app for easy scheduling monitoring and communicating.


  • Lawn area: 200m²
  • Cutting width: 16cm
  • Cutting height: 20 – 30mm
  • Battery power: 18 Volts
  • Sound level: 58 dB

3. Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350

Price: £699.00

The Bosch Indego S+ 350 is an easy and convenient way to achieve a nice looking lawn. It can handle lawns of up to 350m² using the Bosch Smart Gardening app or through Voice Control via Amazon Alexa.

The Indego S+ 350 can also manoeuvre around obstacles and return automatically to charge, without any interference.

This mower can calculate an efficient route through the garden and mow in systematic lanes, making it significantly faster than random navigation thanks to Bosch’s “LogiCut” navigation. It will also receive free over-the-air software updates throughout the year that improve performance.

The average mowing time is 45 minutes with the 2.5 Ah, 18 V lithium-ion battery and will automatically return to charge for 45 minutes when required.

  • Lawn area: 350 m²
  • Width of cut: 19 cm
  • Height of cut: 30-50 mm
  • Battery voltage: 18 V
  • Battery charge time: 45 minutes

4. SWIFT RM18 Robotic Lawnmower

Price: £319.99

With automated working and charging cycle, the Swift RM18 robotic mower will help you achieve a perfect lawn and give you more free time.

It’s an excellent option for managing your regular sized garden of up to 600m². With a bumping sensor and treaded wheels driven by strong motors, it can conquer all obstacles and gradients up to 35%.

The Swift RM18 robotic mower has an intuitive and straight forward interface to personalize your mowing settings. It also has a PIN Code for theft protection as well as a stepless and easy cutting adjustment dialler.

  • Lawn area: 600m²
  • Max. incline: Up to 35%
  • Power source: Cordless
  • IP56 water and dust resistance level
  • PIN Code for theft protection

5. Gardena 19115-28 Smart Sileno Life Set Robotic Lawnmower

Price: £1200

Lawn care can be effortlessly easy thanks to the Gardena smart Sileno Life. This mower does not cause lawn stripes, but rather ensures a balancing cutting pattern and a perfectly maintained carpet of lawn. It is suitable for small lawn areas of up to 1250 square metres.

This compact and manoeuvrable robotic mower masters inclines of up to 30% as well as narrow corridors and passageways without a problem.

The smart Sileno Life is ready for operation on the lawn in any weather and runs so quietly that it can hardly be heard. When it has finished, it automatically returns to the charging station.

Mowing times can be set via the Gardena smart App which acts as the core of the smart system, permitting cable-free network communications between all Gardena smart system devices in the garden.

  • Lawn area: 1250 m²
  • Cutting height, min – max: 20 – 50 mm
  • Battery power / capacity: 18 V / 2.1 Ah
  • Charging time: 60 min
  • Max. incline: Up to 30 %
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