Fun, frogs and slow worms!

Nicky & Sarah & The Jet Guerillas are a gardening group based in West Sussex, formed to improve their local community through gardening

We have a small allotment not far from where we live in Shoreham By Sea. We were given the keys by a lovely lady called Pat who runs the allotment site. Our plot sits to the side of at least 50-60 other keen plotters, and is approximately 22 x 5m. It currently has an apple tree covered in vine, a plum tree, quite a bit of rubbish and an overgrown dumping site at the rear. Needless to say, we love it.

Our first day was to clear the rubbish, after making tea of course, and to get a feel of how we could design a garden that was beautiful and productive. Where the shed will go has been a great debate and Sarah has come up with several exciting plans.

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Moving the rubbish uncovered slow worms and frogs, much to our delight. I had never seen one! We moved them to a quieter part of the garden whilst we started digging to move some broad beans, spinach and chard growing randomly. We unearthed some lovely potatoes which made excellent fish cakes and pie topping. The apples are crisp and delicious.

Our plan over the next month is to get our garden shed ready, finalise the design, and create the vege beds. I feel sore shoulders coming on already!


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Nicky (left) and Sarah have great plans for their new allotment

We are four adults and five keen young gardeners (our children), based near Shoreham Beach. We have just taken on an allotment in town which has a bounty of apples, some chard and some lovely herbs. This allotment we hope will provide all our future planting for our projects.

We call ourselves the JET Guerillas, in memory of our dear friend who died of cancer early this year. We aim to make ugly patches beautiful. We also aim to get our children off their phones and connect with the world!

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Catch updates on our progress over the coming months exclusively here on the KG website.


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