Glorious gardening gloves for green thumbs

Any gardener knows that a sturdy pair of gloves is a valuable bit of kit to have on hand – pun intended. That’s why it’s important when choosing the perfect gardening gloves to make sure it ticks all the right boxes: Durability, flexibility and comfort.

Have a look at these glorious gloves for hand protection in the garden.

Acdyion Gardening Gloves

The Acdyion Gardening Gloves offer the strength and durability expected from a pair of hardy gloves. They are made from natural, premium thick cowhide leather that ensures wear and puncture resistance, protecting your hands from gardening accidents.

These gloves work great when dealing with sharper plants like cactus, blackberries and roses so you can tend to your garden safely and comfortably.

The Acdyion Gloves are meticulously stitched too with ergonomically designed thumbs making it easier to grip garden tools.

Legacy Gardens Gloves 

Gardening may be relaxing but it always comes with hand injuries, scratches, abrasions, wounds and achy fingers. However, these gloves are just the thing you need to combat those gardening injuries.

The two Legacy Gardens Gloves you’ll get will complement each other, making pruning thorny roses, composting and digging easy.

These gloves are cut and puncture resistant, meaning they cannot be cut by rocks, thorns, twigs or scissors. They’re also made from the highest quality, natural goatskin leather and they’re designed to survive any use and abuse.

CCBETTER Rose Pruning Gloves 

For those gardeners looking for something a bit more understated and practical looking, the CCBETTER Rose Pruning Gloves are the right choice. They are puncture resistant, as they are made of superior, soft and natural goat leather to prevent your hands from scratches.

They work best for handling blackberries, trimming roses, pruning holly bushes, berry bushes, tending to cactus plants and other prickly shrubs.

The flexible design also makes it much easier to use garden tools and the goatskin allows for greater durability. With multiple sizes available these gloves should fit most people comfortably.

Exemplary Gardens Gardening Gloves

Any gardener will say that getting a quality pair of gloves is incredibly important. It’s even more important for the gloves to fit well without sacrificing dexterity. Therefore, Exemplary Gardens Gloves come in a range of sizes, catering to a variety of gardeners.

Exemplary Gardens Gardening Gloves are a premium quality product. The palm of the glove is made from goatskin leather and the spandex back allows your hands to breathe.

This, combined with the fastener makes it possible for you to remain comfortable and spend hours gardening.

FZTEY Garden Gloves

FZTEY offer an incredibly versatile pair of gloves usable for everything from garden work, farming, construction and so on. Made from soft leather, these gloves allow plenty of finger flexibility to help your hands feel comfortable.

The gloves have a gunn cut and ketstone thumb design to help increase their durability and flexibility. This will make the glove much more robust and reliable providing a superior grip and skin protection.

These gloves provide a snug fit, moderate oil resistance, puncture resistance and cut resistance, as well as thermal protection and insulation properties.

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