Go wild for worms!

Go wild for worms!

Learn how you can help your garden worms to thrive

Gardeners are being urged to create a more welcoming habitat for worms in this year’s Wild About Gardens challenge from the RHS and The Wildlife Trusts – Go Wild for Worms. The UK has 29 species of worm, and they are vital for good soil structure and fertility, turning the soil, allowing it to breathe, and recycling and enriching it. They are also essential food for other wildlife.

Ellie Brodie, senior policy manager of The Wildlife Trusts, says, “Charles Darwin revered worms and thought few other animals played so important a part in the history of the world. We’re hoping gardeners will choose to create a compost heap, or go to one of our events and learn to love worms. Pulling up the paving in your front garden would make a big difference too – and would also help a host of other wildlife to thrive!”

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Tips to help gardeners Go Wild for Worms include:

  • Reduce waste, recycle veg peelings and create a compost heap
  • Feed your garden with compost and organic fertilisers
  • Attract hedgehogs, beetles and centipedes to your garden to control pests
  • Dig up your paving – let the earth breathe and plants grow
  • Contribute to Earthworm Watch research or the OPAL Soil and Earthworm Survey

There’s a free downloadable booklet with more advice on worm-friendly gardening at https://www.wildaboutgardens.org.uk/ Find out more at


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