Great gardening reads for tips and inspiration

Gardening novice or total green thumb? No matter you’re skill level these gardening reads are fantastic for those looking to expand their abilities or those wanting to try something new.

From veg patches to house plants, Kitchen Garden has selected some of the best reads to kick start your gardening studies!

Down to Earth | Monty Don

The UK’s leading garden writer and broadcaster, Monty Don, presents Down To Earth. This book is the accumulation of over 50 years of gardening knowledge from the wisdom of Monty Don, providing lots of valuable tips and advice.

Written as a stream of consciousness, Monty details all you’ll need to know on everything from garden ideas, containers, plant care, pests and so on. You can also discover the kind of jobs he does in his own garden each month, giving readers a fantastic framework for garden management.

This book is certainly worth a read for those looking to learn something new about the world of gardening from one of the best in the ‘biz’.

How Not to kill Your Houseplant | Veronica Peerless

Trends will come and go but house plants for forever, right? Well, only if you manage to look after them. More and more people are subscribing to the aesthetic of covering every square inch of their home with greenery.

The only issue, of course, is looking after them, otherwise what was intended to be a green oasis will soon devolve into brown, crispy leaf madness. This is why How Not to Kill Your Houseplant is the perfect guide to help you keep those plants flourishing.

It’s great for new ‘plant parents’, providing straightforward information on everything from watering, potting, feeding, pests and much more.

RHS Grow Your Own: Crops in Pots | Kay Maguire

Whether you need to save some space or just want to try growing in pots, RHS’s Grow Your Own: Crops in Pots is the right book for the job.

Following on from Carol Klein’s bestselling RHS Grow you own Veg, Crops in Pots is the natural successor, helping readers make a small space into a flourishing oasis utilising the top techniques to do so.

The book has around 30 container recipes for the best crops, including basil, tomato and cut-and-come-again veg. Crops in Pots provides the know-how for every container-gardener looking for a little extra guidance.

RHS How to Create your Garden | Adam Frost

Our gardens are a sanctuary for many of us, so it goes without saying that those sanctuaries should look exactly how we envision them to be, whether it’s a practical space for growing crops or simply a place to relax.

However, designing a garden can be a daunting project, but that’s where How to Create Your Garden comes in. This book is a definitive guide on garden design inspiration and advice for anyone with any experience on any budget.

Author Adam Frost gives readers the tools to design a dream garden, for small spaces, big spaces and everything in-between. How to Create Your Garden removes the stress and complexity of designing with plenty of to-the-point information.

SowHow: A modern guide to grow-your-own veg | Lucy Anna Scott

Veg growing can be a really rewarding and enjoyable activity, whether it’s done for fun or for food. However, it’s not always the most simple thing to do. Enter SowHow: A modern guide to grow your own veg.

With lots of clear information, complimented by a fresh design, SowHow has all the expert knowledge new growers will need.

Inside, readers will discover tips on 30 easy-grow vegetables that can be sown year-round, such as carrots, salads, sprouts and potatoes, as well as herbs and edible flowers. With step-by-step guides on everything from sowing to planting to harvesting, veg growing has never seemed simpler.

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