Heatwave brings bumper year for British flowers

Heatwave brings bumper year for British flowers

While arable vegetable crops are struggling in the heat, this summer’s heatwave has helped the British flower industry to blossom

The Great British Florist has seen its cutting patch and wild meadows produce a bumper crop of flowers, thanks to glorious sunshine and the absence of the torrential downpours and wind which have been typical of July in recent years. Summer 2017 saw The Great British Florist hit by wind and rain, which destroyed a lot of its flowers. This year however, harvests are up a whopping 21%!

Great British Florist founder Heather Gorringe says, “We have been watering a lot, obviously, but the garden and the cutting patch have really benefited from the sun, and especially when you compare it to last year, which was basically a washout.”


The Great British Florist promotes ‘grown not flown’ flowers, and sales of British blooms are booming as more people realise the importance of reducing flower miles – and also that UK-grown flowers smell sweeter. Imported flowers lose much of their scent in transit.

Find out more and buy British at https://www.greatbritishflorist.co.uk/


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