How to choose your perfect greenhouse

January is the perfect time to purchase a new greenhouse, with the new year bringing with it thoughts of the new growing season ahead. Choosing the right greenhouse, however, can be a bit of a minefield!


The best place to start is by working out how much space you have available, ideally in a position where the ridge can run East to West. Go for as large a greenhouse as you can afford and accommodate to allow for maximum growing space, and don’t forget to consider height, too – growing vertically can drastically increase your yield.

Cultivar greenhouse photoshoot Ruth Nottingham, Powys. Photo credit Mark Spencer

Cultivar Greenhouses offers three standard widths – 2026mm (6’8”), 2438mm (8’), and 3218mm (10’7”) – and their modular designs mean almost any size or specification is possible. The most popular size greenhouse is 2438mm x 3187mm (8’ x 10’5”).


Next, decide on your style. There are two main styles available; traditional Victorian or something a bit more contemporary, so consider which best suits your home, garden and personal taste.

The Modern range is Cultivar’s bestseller, followed closely by their Victorian Porch Greenhouses featuring narrow pane centres, hand-turned finials and Accoya framing.

Cultivar creates greenhouses in both styles using either sustainable, durable Accoya wood or purely aluminium to build sturdy, stunning structures.


There are many features that will make your greenhouse both more enjoyable to spend time in and a more successful growing environment.

Consider accessories like shading, staging (that’s “greenhouse speak” for benching) and you’ll find most greenhouse companies these days offer toughened safety glass as standard.

Cultivar greenhouse blinds/ sunshade. Summer shoot 2022. Photo credit Mark Spencer

One key feature of a Cultivar greenhouse is its automated upper and lower ridge vents with wax-filled cylinders that will expand, opening the vents and allowing air to flow through the greenhouse, when the ambient internal temperature inside reaches around 16°c. Sufficient ventilation is key all year round to prevent plants from wilting and to filter fresh air throughout the space. The inclusion of both upper and lower vents creates a unique chimney effect to prevent overheating and ensure fresh air is always circulating in your greenhouse.


Finally, think about what accessories you will need for growing success. It’s worth spending some time exploring Cultivar’s website, as accessories like the  cucumber ladder or grow bar are a must if you are a keen tomato and cucumber grower, while plenty of integrated shelving and staging will allow you to maximise space and create different “zones” to work and organise throughout the year.

A water butt is a valuable addition ensuring you are watering crops sustainably, and adding a cold frame to your greenhouse will also increase the facilities of the structure. Cultivar Greenhouses offer the option to add a matching cold frame to your greenhouse design which can be placed on either side of your new structure as you see fit.   

If you’re looking to purchase a new greenhouse this year, the team at Cultivar is on hand to help guide you every step of the way. For more information about building your perfect greenhouse and to get in touch, visit the website.

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