Kings Seeds new Autumn catalogue and images of flowers and plants

Kings Seeds’ brand new Autumn Catalogue

We’ve released our new autumn catalogue which is packed full of autumn sowing crops including garlic, onion and shallot sets, wallflower plants, autumn flower bulbs, Christmas potatoes and more!

Here are some of our great new products…

Sweet peas are a massive part of our business. We are one of the biggest Sweet Pea producers in the UK for home gardeners, so we have some fab new and re-introductions of Sweet Peas.


Exclusive to Kings, this Sweet pea is well-scented and has long stems of large lavender blooms, ideal for use as a cut flower. Named to commemorate the Kings Coronation in 2023. Bred by Andrew Beane and passed to Kings in 2015 to multiply for sale.
Winner of Award of Merit for Garden Decoration and Highly Commended for Exhibition.
Hardy Annual
Height: 180cm – 220cm
Item code: 79044.

View all Sweet Peas here:

Woodland Bulb Collection:

A beautiful collection of 4 varieties of hardy woodland bulbs including the ever popular Snowdrops (Galanthus). Spring flowering from February to May,
Pack contains 50 bulbs: 10 Galanthus, 15 Scilla siberica, 15 Tulips saxatilis and 10 Narcissus Tete a tete bulbs.
Height: 10-20cm (4-8”).
Item Code: 93271

Tulip Marylin Bulbs:

An interesting lily flowering tulip! Pure white tulips with a splash of red on upright stems. Grows to around 50cm tall (20in). Flowers April to May.10 bulbs in a pack.
Item Code: 93253

Citrus ‘Meyer Lemon’ Patio Tree:

Not a lemon but is instead a cross between a citron and a mandarin. As well as very prolific fruit producers, their showy white blossoms are incredibly fragrant and beautiful, with shiny, dark foliage.
Roostock Poncirus. The most commonly used rootstock for European citrus plants. Very compatible with all citrus varieties and very cold hardy. It makes for a very productive tree and for most varieties will restrict the tree to around 1.25 metres height after 7 years, making it perfect for the patio.
20cm Pot (5.5L)
Item code: 94118

Window Bird Feeder:

Breath-taking bird watching at its best. Made from high quality clear acrylic so you can get close up views of beautiful birds from the comfort of your home.
Dimensions: 15cm Long x 15cm Height x 7cm Wide
Item code: 46303

If you’d like to request a copy of our catalogue in the post, please request one here:

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