Brexit worries for wildlife

Brexit worries for wildlife

As the dust settles after the EU referendum, the response from a whole host of conservation organisations has been that since much of our environmental protection legislation derives from the European Parliament, the onus is now on the UK government to replicate those laws for a Brexit Britain.

Eighty-four food, farming, fair trade, poverty, animal welfare, wildlife and environmental organisations, including Garden Organic, have signed a letter to David Davis MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, to argue for the development of environmentally sound UK food, farming and fishing policies. Kath Dalmeny, Co-ordinator of Sustain, who organised the letter, says, “The British public has given no mandate for a reduction in food and farming standards, a weakening of protection for nature, nor a reversal of the UK’s commitment to lifting millions of the poorest people in the world out of poverty through trade.”

You can read the letter at And The Wildlife Trusts is asking supporters to sign an e-petition – set up by Zach Haynes, an 11-year-old nature champion from Yorkshire – which calls on the government to pass new UK laws giving wildlife and the environment the same protection as under current EU laws. The petition is at 

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