Dip & Grow: The best lettuce you’ve ever tasted!

Let us introduce you: Dip & Grow!

Fun, easy, sustainable gardening for everyone. That’s our mission! And when we say everyone, we mean everyone! We developed our products to meet this standard, as easy as dip it and grow it. Just sit back and enjoy the easiness of gardening with amazing taste.

Dip & Grow gives everyone a chance to grow their own lettuce. Even if you don’t have any experiences in this field. It all starts with one simple handling: dip the product into water. After you dipped the ball into the water, you need to make sure the product catches enough light. Wait for the stunning end result and amazing taste! Off course a little attention and care during the growing process is needed. That’s it!

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About the Dip & Grow Salad ball

The Salad ball is the first Dip & Grow product in a range of more exciting innovative products. It is a unique product that is aimed at all consumers, not just keen gardeners.

It allows you to grow your own fresh, nutritious, organic, crispy and crunchy baby leaves. This unique mixture will be ready for harvesting from as little as 40 days and has been selected to touch every taste and texture sensation; bitter, sweet, tangy & crunchy. We’ve added the WaterWick ClickStick which is a self-watering system for plants. This blue-white cord does the trick. The Salad ball draws the right amount of water via the WaterWick ClickStick. With this little trick you don’t have to worry about watering the Salad ball.

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Starting to grow your own lettuce just requires a couple of steps. Watch the video and learn how to Dip & Grow.

Let’s Dip & Grow

• Grow your own fresh and tasty lettuce. It’s a wonderful, exclusive mixture of 5 different varieties, including brightly coloured and uniquely shaped leaves, all selected for flavour

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• It’s a fun experience to grow your own food. In addition it’s a fun experience for little children

• Organic fertilizer is pre-inserted into the ball for optimal growth

• The moss comes from renewable farms

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• It can be grown inside and outside your house. For example on your balcony, patio or sunny windowsill

Start growing your own lettuce!

What’s stopping you from growing your own fresh, flavorsome cut and come again lettuce?

The Salad ball is available (retail price £9,95) at:


• We’ve added the WaterWick ClickStick which is an automatic watering system for plants

• The package includes a transparent plant pot that functions as water reservoir

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