Perfect Polytunnels and Glorious Greenhouses- All you need for undercover

Perfect Polytunnels and Glorious Greenhouses- All you need for undercover

Shopping for a Polytunnel or Greenhouse? No problem, Kitchen Garden has a great selection to help you find the perfect cover.

Premier Polytunnels

With the development of new polythene covers it is possible to grow all kinds of crops and exotic plants in a Polytunnel, so it’s no surprise that these structures are gardeners’ first choice for growing undercover.

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Many award-winning flowers and record breaking fruit and vegetables are grown this way. Most importantly, a Polytunnel can help to put you in control of nature, helping to extend the growing season and meaning you can enjoy home-grown, healthy meals all year round.

Visit Premier Polytunnel’s website to find out how they can help you create your perfect undercover growing space.

Visit them here:

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Ferryman Polytunnels

Ferryman Polytunnels Ltd is a family owned Business, based in Mid Devon and has been making Polytunnels for over thirty-five years. During this time, Ferryman Polytunnels has developed a quality range of tunnels designed especially for the individual needs of the amateur gardener and allotment holder, through to the commercial horticultural market.

All their Polytunnels are made to order in their workshop and supplied as a complete kit ready to be constructed onto a soil base. You can personalise your tunnel with optional extra’s available for you to create your perfect growing space.

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The Ferryman Classic Polytunnel range is designed to be solid and strong, but if you are sited in an area which experiences extreme weather conditions then the Tuff tunnel range using the same polythene but larger tube sizes, could be more suitable for your needs.

Polytunnels aren’t just for growing in, they are a very versatile space. Ferryman Polytunnels have supplied ones for boats, cars, chickens, ponds, swimming pools and aquaponics to name but a few.

Check the ranges out here:

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Strength, safety and style are the three main characteristics when it comes to Evika Greenhouses. With three durable and long-lasting colour finishes to choose from, you can perfectly match your new Greenhouse to its surroundings.

The contemporary design sets apart the Evika G1 range. Coming as standard, the Greenhouses are designed with smart features to help your gardening journey.

The 4ft and 8ft sizes both come with an automatic opening window, allowing a consistently perfect air flow to keep your greenhouse in ideal conditions. Combined with the 4 blade louvre, the added control allows you peace of mind.

They offer the full Evika Greenhouse range to buy online, with inclusive mainland UK delivery within 5-7 days *subject to availability.

Visit the site:

Walk-in Wonderwall

The Walk-in Wonderwall is a netted brassica/vegetable growing tunnel. It is a NO GO area for pigeons/cabbage white butterfly and caterpillars, it also prevents slugs and snails from entering.

Its design gives crops protection from strong winds, whilst allowing rain and sunlight to penetrate with ease thus, making it an ideal growing environment for all vegetables, improving the quality and quantity of your produce.

The Wonderwall requires no base and no specialist tools for installation. Installation takes 2-3 hours for 2 people. It comes with easy to follow instructions, with full colour photographs of each stage of installation.

Standard width is 3.5 metres, height 1.9 metres, lengths from 2 metres upwards, other widths available from 2.5 metres to 4 metres. It can be manufactured to fit raised beds / plots exactly.

Go to their site:

The Greenhouse People

The Greenhouse People Ltd have been selling Greenhouses since 1989 and this means that they’re here to help you with your choice with a wealth of experience and helpful impartial advice.

For over 20 years they have guaranteed that their prices cannot be beaten, and that promise still stands today as one of their famous 7 Guarantees.

You can order anything from them and you can change your mind, delay it, change it or even send it back within 30 days so you can have a bit of confidence that you will be fully satisfied with the end result. Your happiness is vital, as now over 40% of their business comes from recommendations by satisfied customers.

The massive range includes Alton Cedar Greenhouses, Robinsons, Simplicity and Hercules Greenhouses. You can also choose one of the Halls Greenhouses which they stock, again at the lowest prices available – guaranteed.

Whether you are looking for a small or large Greenhouse, a glass or a polycarbonate Greenhouse, a lean-to or free standing Greenhouse, then they certainly have the model for you; all at factory direct prices and all covered by their famous Seven Guarantees.

You can call them seven days a week on 01782385400. The Greenhouse People also recommend that you read the hugely popular Greenhouse buyer’s guide to help you with your choice.

Get your greenhouse here:

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