Expert advice on fruit in pots

Expert advice on fruit in pots

Markus Kobelt has written an excellent blog on container fruit growing.

If you want more fruit but don’t have more space, think in terms of planters rather than yearning after acres, says Markus Kobelt of fruit nursery Lubera – more and more modern varieties are suitable, or specifically bred, for growing in pots. Just make sure you are buying fruit from a breeding programme focused on small-space growing, he says, not a normal tree which has been pruned to fit a pot.

Markus has written an excellent blog on container fruit growing at It includes lists of fruit types – and specific varieties – suitable for container cropping, which extend way beyond what you might have thought of. Plus: the mathematics of calculating pot size, expert techniques for ensuring good drainage and insulation, advice about the hardiness of different varieties in pots (not necessarily the same as their hardiness in the ground), and lots more.

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