Organic your September!

Organic your September!

Sign up and download the free Organic September Starter Kit

Organic September is the Soil Association’s annual campaign to raise the profile of organic production and produce, and this year it’s aiming to persuade even more people to make the switch. It suggests 10 ways to get involved:

1. Sign up and download the free Organic September Starter Kit


This is full of offers and promotions on organic brands, top tips and organic recipes from leading chefs. You’ll also be automatically entered into the Organic September prize draw.

2. Look for the organic logo and make small changes to your weekly shop

Start small with everyday essentials like milk or tea – or go for a complete organic overhaul.


3. Find your local indie retailer

Support local independent shops this September. The SA has a store locator at September 16 is Organic September Saturday, when stores across the UK will be hosting special events, offers, demos and tastings.

4. Sign up to an organic box scheme


Support your local organic farmer. There’s a box scheme locator at

5. Cook organic

Take advantage of all the organic produce on offer and experiment with some new recipes.


6. Ask for organic

‘People power can really have an impact and retailers, restaurants and cafés listen to their customers. If we don’t ask, we don’t get, so let’s get organic on the agenda!’ says the SA.

7. Look for organic when you eat out

Look out for the SA’s ‘Organic Served Here’ logo.

8. Explain why you choose organic on social media

Share your stories with the #ChooseOrganic hashtag for a chance to win prizes.

9. Spread the word

Talk to friends and family about the benefits of going organic.

10. Join the Soil Association

Find out about SA membership at

Read more, sign up and get your Starter Kit at


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