Square metre gardening

Square metre gardening

‘Pallet gardens’ are a regular feature of Gardening Scotland

‘Pallet gardens’ are a regular feature of Gardening Scotland. For the Living Garden area at this year’s show, which ran from June 2 to 4, schools were asked to create a ‘One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden’, using edible plants and recycled materials.

Dunoon Grammar created a ‘Flying Scotsman’ pallet planter, complete with funnel-grown strawberries – and a set of bagpipes.


Tarradale Nursery’s entry developed the possibilities of vertical planting and creative container growing.

Douglas Academy’s pallet had a musical theme, with a euphonium, a guitar and another set of bagpipes finding an afterlife as productive planters.

Over in the Big Back Garden area, a second pallet planter competition had attracted entries from schools, gardening clubs and horticultural societies. Cove in Bloom designed theirs around the ‘Ten a Day’ message.


Penicuik Horticultural Society took a Gold Medal for their exemplary display of edibles.

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