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Harvests are in full swing, with plenty of fresh produce to collect from your garden or allotment. Let KG help you decide how best to use it!

It’s a very busy time in the kitchen garden and true to form, the KG staff have been busy too. Editor Steve Ott (pictured below) says: “September is a super month in the kitchen garden; the weather can be lovely and it’s a busy time for harvesting, yet there is still time to sow and plant.

“Looking for great growing advice? Then apart from our usual jobs pages starting on page 6, we have ‘how to’ guides for French beans, spinach, oriental vegetables, even liquorice – ‘allsorts’ of crops then!

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“Love your herbs? Then turn to page 24 for Julie Moore’s simple guide to drying all kinds of popular ones so that you capture all that essential scent and flavour, while starting on page 82 Annabelle Padwick extols the many virtues of rosemary for the kitchen as well as its great benefits for health and well-being.

“For the fruit growers, nurseryman David Patch reveals his favourite cherry varieties for your garden (p68), while on page 7 Joyce Russell explains how to tell when those delicious figs you’ve been waiting for all summer are ripe to pick.

“Soil shouldn’t be left bare over winter and green manures have long been used to hold nutrients as well as increasing fertility and improving soil structure. Dr Anton Rosenfeld of Garden Organic offers his expert advice on which green manures to sow now, starting on page 44.

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“With 12 Chelsea gold medals under his belt, Medwyn Williams has to be among the greatest growers and exhibitors of vegetables of all time. He is an old friend of KG and we were delighted to have the chance to chat to him about his exploits and aspirations starting on page 102 (and if you visit our website you can discover Medwyn’s gardening heroes, too).”

In addition there are readers’ letters, recipes, giveaways and plenty of inspirational ideas for improving your garden. And don’t forget that if you subscribe, you automatically become a member of the Mudketeers’ Club, a special online resource where you can win prizes and gain access to special offers that are not available to non-subscribers.

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