September issue out now!

It’s not yet time for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, but as a gardener, you need to plan in good time…

The September issue of Kitchen Garden is on sale now, giving you plenty of time to look ahead to a bumper harvest and even further ahead to what the coming growing seasons might bring.

KG editor Steve Ott writes: “September is a busy month on the veg plot – prime time to sow lots of crops to provide plentiful pickings into the autumn and beyond.

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“In this issue we have 25 pages packed with inspirational ideas for crops to sow and grow now. Veg experts Ben Vanheems and Rob Smith offer ideas for tasty veg to start now, many of which, including second cropping potatoes, can be grown in pots and containers, showing you can grow your own in a very small space.

“With Covid-19 causing inevitable problems with the supply of seeds and other gardening essentials this year, we ask how this might affect supplies for the 2021 season and also offer tips to help you become more independent by saving seeds from your own crops. As you’ll see, this has hidden benefits you may not have considered before.

“Lockdown has also highlighted how important it is to get the most from the food that we grow. We turn to two expert cooks in this issue to show us how to reduce food waste. Anna Cairns Pettigrew and Jill Fish offer some great tips to help you fill your winter store cupboard and to ensure particularly perishable crops don’t end up in the bin.

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“Love your herbs? Annabelle Padwick explains how to grow and make some refreshing and calming herbal teas. Why not drink a cup while taking a break and at the same time check out our brand new website which includes loads of great advice, offers and competitions.”

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