Ryobi found even gnomes were embarrased about some gadrens


Research has revealed that gardening disasters plague around three quarters (73%) of Brits, prompting power tool manufacturer Ryobi to launch a search for the nation’s ugliest garden.

Disasters range from not being able to get plants to grow (14%) to forgetting to water plants (10%), as well as physical injury (9%), insect infestation (8%) and pets digging up the lawn (7%).

An increasing number of Brits have been tending to their gardens during lockdown, but this may not have been possible for everyone. Ryobi are on the search for the most neglected garden and help the owner get it in tip top shape with over £1,000 worth of Ryobi garden tools!

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The survey also showed that those aged 25-34 are the least competent in the garden and the age group most likely to have had a gardening disaster (87%). Over 65s on the other hand are the most green-fingered age group, with nearly two-thirds (62%) admitting they’ve had a gardening disaster.

Insects and pests are the biggest burden among 18-24s, with 33 per cent citing being bitten as their biggest fear in the garden. It seems this fear dwindles over time, with over 65s the least bothered by garden pests (9%).

Here are Brits’ biggest gardening fears, ranked:

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  1. Endless weeding (22%)
  2. Discovering or being bitten by insects, rodents or other wild animals (16%)
  3. Making a mistake and killing trees and plants (10%)
  4. Getting dirty / grubby (7%)
  5. Not being able to grow things and not knowing when to plant things (7%)
  6. Hurting themselves (6%)
  7. Not knowing how to use garden tools (3%)

This will be the second year Ryobi has launched its garden disasters competition, with Simon Matthews from Stoke on Trent, the 2018 winner.

Homeowners in London are the most likely to have had a gardening faux pas (79%), and Norwich is home to the nation’s most competent gardeners (59%):

  1. London            79%
  2. Birmingham     77%
  3. Belfast             76%
  4. Leeds              76%
  5. Bristol              74%
  6. Manchester     74%
  7. Edinburgh        74%
  8. Newcastle       71%
  9. Nottingham      71%
  10. Cardiff             71%
  11. Sheffield          69%
  12. Glasgow          68%
  13. Southampton   65%
  14. Liverpool         61%
  15. Norwich           59%

Thomas Leather, Marketing Manager for Ryobi, commented: “As a nation it’s clear we’re guilty of some pretty poor gardening habits that have led the majority of us to experience some form of garden disaster. We’re on the hunt for the ugliest gardens in the hope that we can help fix a multitude of gardening sins and turn someone’s outdoor space into a place that’s enjoyable again.”

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The research marks the launch of Ryobi’s search to find the nation’s worst gardening disasters. Anyone with a garden they’re ashamed of or that’s in need of some TLC can upload a photo of it to https://uk.ryobitools.eu/garden-disasters/ before 13th July. The entries with the most votes will then be shortlisted and presented to our esteemed judging panel.

To ignite some confidence in British gardeners, Ryobi is supplying one lucky winner worth over £1,000, containing tools such as the brand new 18V ONE+ 40cm Brushless Lawnmower, the 18V ONE+ 45cm Hedge Trimmer and 18V ONE+ 30cm Brushless Chainsaw, giving them the opportunity to bring their outdoor space back to life.

The winner will be announced at the end of July 2020.

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