Visit the wonderful (virtual) world of nematodes

Visit the wonderful (virtual) world of nematodes

BASF, the UK’s largest producer of nematode biological controls, has created a series of videos

The videos offer a fascinating insight into the science behind nematode production, including a virtual tour of its high-tech factory in Sussex.

Few gardeners realise that nematodes are grown in laboratories and on such a massive scale – there is a total of 190,000 litres of fermentation capacity on site, with just one 75,000-litre vessel producing around eight trillion nematodes per production run.


The three videos explain what nematodes are, how they work, and how they are grown. ‘The BASF Factory Tour’, led by Tom Goddard, BASF’s fermentation manager, guides you through all of the production stages, from ‘the shaker’ to fermentation, downstreaming and packaging. The highly specialised procedure, with facilities reminiscent of a cutting-edge distillery, complete with stainless steel stills and white lab coats, is an eye-opener.

Watch the videos at:

‘How Do Nematodes Work?’


‘The BASF Factory Tour’

‘Why Choose Nemasys and Nemaslug?’


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