A gardener in the making

Part time KG helper and full time journalism student Theo Osborn talks about his experience helping the team with some sowing and filming

Growing up, my mum would try to make me tend to some of the gardening, though it was never the most exciting use of my time. I’d always be argumentative, gardening seemed like the be all, end all of horrible chores. Years later after doing the bare minimum amount of gardening in my lifetime, I found myself in the KG garden tending to some sowing of broad beans. Not where I thought I’d be five years ago.

Steve and Tony had set their wooden plank over the plot and off I got to sowing. However it didn’t start that way, first I got to work recording some videos for the KG YouTube channel with Steve and Tony. The Wiggly Wigglers Wormery was something to behold, my first day at KG and living worms were being thrust about all over the place. The work done for the YouTube channel is great, original ideas and great helpful content. If I ever need any tips I’ll know where to go.

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The KG team are some of the nicest people I’ve ever come into contact with and their hospitality was so welcoming. After a few hours on a freezing day out in the garden with them they definitely inspired, and I’ll be helping out more in the future to tend to the gardening. Fun can be had around the garden and the KG team helped me find that out.

I now know how to sow broad beans, which is one step closer to being an expert gardener than I was before.

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