A nation of super growers

A nation of super growers

British gardeners more than ever are experiencing the satisfaction that growing your own can bring

According to a new report from YouGov, commissioned by Wyevale Garden Centres, the top reason why people are growing their own food in the garden is the sense of satisfaction they get when a tiny seed grows into something they can eat.

Duncan McLean, Buyer and Horticultural Expert, Wyevale Garden Centres said: “The Grow Your Own trend is in the midst of a growth spurt itself. People are starting with herbs in plant pots on the window sill, progressing to salad leaves tomatoes and chillies and once the passion kicks in, moving on to vegetable patches and allotments, full of increasingly exotic veg. We are truly becoming a nation of ‘super growers’.”

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‘Super grower’ is a phrase coined by Wyevale Garden Centres based on the research. A ‘super grower’ is typically someone who is experienced in growing their own vegetables, fruit and salad leaves. They grow enough produce to share it with friends, family and the local community and experiment in growing increasingly exotic crops and produce. So proud are they of their gardens, a super grower will enlist the services of a ‘tomato sitter’ to keep an eye on their crop whilst they are away or on holiday.

Seventy-seven per cent of  ‘super growers’ surveyed say that eating their own produce is what makes them happy about growing their own and this is has brought more people satisfaction than saving money (28%). Over a quarter (27%) have said it’s become a hobby for them and increased their knowledge of gardening.

Forty-four per cent of super growers are growing enough at home to share their crop with friends and family. Such is their passion, people who grow their own are so protective of their gardens almost half (45%) enlist a trusted ‘tomato sitter’ (family member, neighbour or friend) to keep an eye on the garden whilst they are away.

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As well as tasting better than food that can be bought in a supermarket, home grown food saves money and has become the much loved hobby of almost a third of Brits surveyed. According to Wyevale Garden Centre, tomatoes are the nation’s most popular fruit amongst growers of those listed, with a vote of 73% among those who had ever grown herbs, fruit or vegetables. Salad leaves come next at 55%, followed by potatoes (52%), beans (42%) and peas (37%). The sophisticated super growers amongst us are increasingly moving to the wild side when it comes to gardening with a long list of exotic produce reported by the survey that includes Climbing Blue French Beans, Dwarf Bananas, Goji Berries, Kohlrabi, Jerusalem Artichokes, Oca tubers and Kumquats.

Although the majority of us grow produce in our gardens, not having one doesn’t stop the nation’s budding super growers. Other top places to grow herbs, salads and vegetables are patio pots and window sills and many determined gardeners use their balconies, stairwells and conservatories to grow their own.


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