Brexit means... growing your own!

Brexit means… growing your own!

Suttons have come up with a deal that’s hard to vote down… a selection of ‘Brexit boxes’ to tempt the taste buds this summer

Government reports have warned that fruit and veg are likely to be one of the most vulnerable areas post-Brexit, with 37% of the fruit we enjoy and 40% of our veg coming from across the Channel. That means there’s never been a better time to roll our sleeves up and get growing in our own gardens – and the Brexit Box from Suttons makes it simple!

Suttons will be offering a choice of three Brexit Boxes to get people growing veg, salad and fruit.

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Each Brexit Box can be customised to include pots and containers or even growing tables to get the nation growing, so we can enjoy fresh produce straight from our own gardens.

There’s something beautifully British about getting our hands dirty and getting the best from our gardens, and you don’t need a huge outside space to join in.

A Suttons spokesperson said: “We don’t pretend to know how Brexit will turn out either, but whether there’s a deal or ‘no deal’ this is still the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get growing in your own garden.”

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The Fruit Collection Brexit Box has a little red, white and blue throughout, with summer-long strawberry plants that produce delicious fruit for five whole months. The more you pick the more you’ll have, so get those summer barbecues in the diary to show off your strawbs! Blueberries are packed with goodness, and the blueberry plant means no more of those high street prices for your fix of them.

Contains: 6 x Strawberry Delizz® (Super Plug Plants); 1 x Blueberry (1 Litre Potted Plant).

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