Carolina Reaper’: too hot to handle?

So why grow the world’s hottest chilli? Well, a bit like climbing Mount Everest, ‘cos it’s there!

Well here’s a chilli that needs some careful handling…literally. The ‘Carolina Reaper’ is the hottest chilli in the world.

Chillies are one of my favourite plants so I thought – more out of curiosity than anything else – I’d give this one a go. I’ve also gone for some other varieties too, including the intriguing ‘Monkey Face’ and ‘Pasilla Bajio’.


I planted a couple of ‘Carolina Reaper’ seeds in a heated propagator in February. They were slow to germinate but eventually came through, slowly but surely.

Now it’s mid April and here’s one that I have potted on. Tame little thing it looks doesn’t it?

PS It seems to have attracted a new friend with the basil that is growing alongside it…where did that come from?


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