Cute Christmas decorations for outdoor spaces

If you’re looking for something subtle but festive to decorate your gardens, conservatories or porches, these cute Christmas picks are sure to add a little magic.

Snowman Planter’ With Ivy

Add some Christmas cheer to your doorstep or send a festive wish to a friend with this brushwood Snowman!

It comes complete with it’s own evergreen Ivy plant making it a lovely decoration for a porch outdoors or a fun houseplant in the conservatory adding a subtle touch of festivity to any space.

After Christmas you can enjoy the Ivy in your home or garden for its pretty display of shapely foliage.

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Miniature Decorated Living Christmas Tree

Perfect for windowsill or porch displays, each of these Miniature Living Christmas Trees are pot grown and given a dusting of magical, artificial snow, for a real traditional festive feel.

Not only that, they are supplied ready to display in an attractive gold pot, embellished with a snowflake design and seasonal tag.

If kept watered indoors this Christmas, they can be planted outside, and will grow slowly over many years – the snow will of course wash off in the rain, but if planted in a larger pot, they can be brought inside each year and re-decorated.

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Fresh Christmas Wreath

Decorate your door with style this Christmas by hanging one of these simply beautiful, fresh, festive wreaths.

Handmade with real fresh fir greenery, each one of these classic wreaths is adorned with real pinecones and red berries and finished with a classic festive bow for that Christmassy feel.

Not only do they make a great decoration, they also make a thoughtful and touching gift.

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‘Mind Your Own Business’ Santa

Forget being stuck up a chimney! This little Santa is wedged in a Soleirolia plant. The common name of this spreading plant should have given him a clue – it’s called ‘Mind Your Own Business’!

This is a perfect house plant for a Christmas coffee table decoration, or for placing in a porch for passers-by to get a chuckle out of.

Soleirolia soleirolii is hardy around most of the UK and can be grown in a protected spot outdoors, but may lose its foliage under outdoor winter conditions, so make sure to bring this plant indoors during the coldest days.

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Holly Trees with Gold Planters

Create stunning festive displays, frame doorways and entrances or adorn patios and conservatories, with this pair of standard Holly Trees.

With a slight blush tinge to the beautiful, deep-evergreen, classic holly leaves and with their rich red berries, they’ll look stunning for many years to come. What’s best is that these can be enjoyed year-round, not just at Christmas, thanks to their evergreen nature.

This new variety is a female form and is a very prolific berry producer, so it will bud up and produce masses of rich, red berries in future years. These bushes are slow growing and easy to manage – just one trim a year will keep that perfect lollipop standard tree form.

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