Episode 100 – The Last 100 Years in Gardening with special guests Terry Walton and Gerald Stratford

It’s a big milestone episode this week as we hit our 100th podcast!¬†

To celebrate, we have a special episode featuring a fascinating discussion of the last 100 years of gardening as well as interviews with Radio 2’s Terry Walton and the lockdown sensation that is Gerald Stratford.

Special guest Gerald Stratford is a veteran gardener whose photo of his rocket potatoes catapulted into the viral sphere during lockdown, gaining over 78 thousand likes and accumulating almost a quarter of a million followers. The newly dubbed ‘Vegetable King’ has even become the star of luxury brand Gucci’s sustainable collection!

Our other special guest and lifetime green thumb, Terry Walton, regularly features on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2, broadcasting live from his allotment. He’s also the winner of a Garden Media Guild Award for Practical¬†Journalist of the Year and has become a published author.

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Here’s to the next 100 podcasts!

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