Anna Williams from Jacksons Fencing has some advice on getting your garden ready for winter

From late summer onwards, it’s time to start getting your garden winter ready. While high winds have the potential to cause immediate and dramatic damage, if you’re not prepared, even damp and frost can cause issues.


Make sure to clean your greenhouse windows so they let sunlight through. Winter has short, dark days, so plants need to make the most of the light available.

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If your garden has plants in containers, be sure to move these to dry sheltered areas, grouping them together for mutual protection. For additional protection, use bubble wrap or straw to insulate your pots from frost.

Autumn is the perfect time to protect your soil and put down mulch, as this is when the soil is the perfect combination of moist and warm. Mulch protects plant roots from extreme temperatures and weather conditions, improves soil quality, and reduces erosion following heavy rain. There are various biodegradable and non-biodegradable mulches available. Biodegradable mulches are best for the health of your soil, and include wood chippings, seaweed and compost. Non-biodegradable mulches have fewer benefits for the fertility of your soil but do have the advantage of conserving moisture and having a more attractive appearance. Some of the more popular non-biodegradable mulches include slate, gravel and pebbles.

Storm prep

Before autumn’s gales hit, check all your garden structures, fences and posts. Replace or repair any loose fence panels, posts or shed roof coverings.

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Jacksons Fencing Storm panels are specifically designed for windy areas

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