Growing your own couldn’t be simpler!

NEW Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Seeds Pods makes growing easy!

ADVERTISING FEATURE: Why grow your own vegetables? Well, there’s the practical advantage that growing your own vegetables is often cheaper than shop-bought produce, but for most of us the real benefits are far greater than this. Anyone that has had a go at growing their own will tell you about the delicious taste of home-grown tomatoes.

You can make growing tasty vegetables much easier by creating a raised bed. They’re simple to maintain, can produce masses of crops in a small space and it’s easy to make them a really attractive feature of your garden.

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However, you don’t necessarily need a garden to grow your own veg; you can choose a sunny spot on a patio, balcony or even a windowsill. Growing on the patio is really convenient and it is easy to pick your veg just as and when you need them.

You can recycle old handbags or bicycle baskets to make excellent and funky planters for your plants. Any container will be suitable as long as it is big enough for the crop you want to grow, has sufficient drainage and you use a good compost. There’s little that an urban gardener can’t grow!

If you’re growing in pots, planter or gro-bags you can place them in the sunniest position possible, then just ensure that you’re using quality compost for the correct nutrient balance. For better results use fit for purpose compost that is specially designed for fruit and veg.

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The Seed Pods™ can simply be popped into the soil at the appropriate spacing in April or May.

Keeping the compost moist and the veg well-watered is important, therefore ensure that you water daily. It’s not only needed to ensure good yields and avoid crop failure, it’s also necessary for successful seed sowing and in no time at all you’ll be harvesting your own tasty home-grown fruit and vegetables!

If you thought this was straightforward, growing your own vegetables from seed just got a whole lot easier thanks to the NEW Miracle-Gro® Gro-able® Seed Pods™. With these unique and exclusive all-in-one ready-to-grow pods, growing has never been simpler!

These pods are specially formulated to contain everything you need to grow your own veg at home. They contain vegetable seeds, coir compost and Miracle-Gro continuous release plant food.

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The seeds are planted at the correct depth for optimum germination while the coir compost helps retain moisture and protects the seeds. This is enriched with Miracle-Gro plant food which helps feed the seedling for the first six months of life to deliver nutrients in promoting root development. All this is packed into one biodegradable shell, which will quickly break down into the soil allowing the roots to grow freely.. They are guaranteed to grow* indoors or out, in containers, hanging baskets, gro-bags or directly into the ground!

All you are required to do is peel off the lid completely, pop the pod into your garden soil or compost, water and watch your veg grow!

It’s so easy, anyone can enjoy their own home-grown crops with minimum fuss or disappointment. Growing vegetables is also a great way to encourage children to sow seeds, identify the plants from the weeds, cook and enjoy eating them.

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For best results, start off both the hot and sweet peppers indoors on a warm, sunny windowsill from February so they’ll have plenty of time to grow. Pop each pod into a container of multi-purpose compost and keep it moist but not wet while the seeds germinate and grow into strong young plants. After all risk of frost has passed you can move the pots outdoors into a sheltered sunny position. For the cherry and salad tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes, you can plant the pods straight outside in a sunny sheltered spot but again wait until all frosts have passed. Space each pod about 90cm (38in) from its neighbours.

NEW Miracle-Gro®Gro-ables® Seed Pods™ are available from all good garden centres nationwide and are priced £1.99 each.

For more information visit where you can find a useful video demonstrating the use of the product. 

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