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Key jobs for September

A new month brings new jobs on your allotment or in your vegetable garden, here’s a quick look at some key jobs to do this September.

Protect potatoes

Growth of summer-planted second cropping potatoes will be slowing down towards the end of the month. This is a good time to move pots of spuds under cover to protect them from colder nights and buffeting autumn winds. With any luck you’ll have some spuds for Christmas.

Harvest melons

If you have grown melons to maturity, congratulations! Make sure you harvest them at the right stage. Ease off watering in the days before harvesting to intensify the flavour. Their scent will fill the air. Test for ripeness by pushing the stalk end with your thumb. You’re good to go if it gives a little.

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Ease off feeding

Ease off feeding as temperatures start to drop and growth slows. Extra feed at this time of year can go to waste, so there’s little point applying as much as when plants were growing at full pelt. Ease up on watering too. Drier conditions improve taste while reducing the risk of disease.

Keep it cosy

Close vents and doors by early evening to trap in the warmth of the day. With chillier nights on the cards, you want to retain the heat of the day for as long as possible. Be sure to open everything up again in the morning to keep the airflow up and plants healthy.

We’ve got lots more tips in our monthly jobs guides, here. And there’s lots more useful advice and ideas in the September edition of Kitchen Garden, which is available to order here.

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