New issue, new seeds!

New issue, new seeds!

With every new issue of Kitchen Garden magazine we offer all our subscribers a great selection of FREE seeds.

This month’s issue comes with Rocket Salad, Marvel of Four Seasons and Radish, so here’s a quick growing guide to help you get started with your new seeds…

Rocket Salad

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Rocket is a go-to leaf for adding a touch of spice to your salads. Younger leaves will usually be on the milder side, whereas older leaves can be used as a fantastic spinach substitute. Rocket is high in potassium, as well as vitamin C too so it’s an all-round great crop to grow.


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  • If you’re after a perpetual supply of Rocket, make sure to sow the seeds in a place with plenty of sunlight, every 2-3 weeks from April to September in fertile soil.
  • Ensure that the seeds are sown thinly, about 0.5-1cm deep in rows 15cm apart.
  • Following this, thin to about 15cm apart, when the seedlings become big enough.


  • Make sure to keep the soil moist and the plants growing in order to avoid any premature running to seed.
  • Also, be sure to provide plenty of shade on warm days so the leaves don’t become too tough.
  • Weed your crops regularly and don’t overwater as it can lessen the taste of the leaves.


  • You’ll be able to harvest four weeks after sowing the Rocket.
  • You can take a few leaves at a time and allow the plants to regrow. Taking too much at once can harm growth.
  • If the plants flower, remove them to keep cropping going, unless you want them to seed.

Marvel of Four Seasons

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Marvel of Four Seasons is a butterhead lettuce that is as yummy as it is good-looking. As its namesake suggests, this lettuce has the ability to be harvested year-round and in a variety of climates.


  • Sow under protection from February to March and then plant directly outside from March to August. They can also be sown in autumn to overwinter if protected.
  • Start by making shallow trenches with a cane about 30cm apart.
  • Pour a little bit of seed into your hand, then sprinkle it along the trench. After this just cover the seeds with soil.
  • The seeds should germinate in seven to 14 days.


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  • Salt hay, straw or grass clippings will help to prevent weeds and keep the soil moist and cool.
  • Make sure the plants are watered often where rainfall is scarce.
  • Moist ground is vital when the lettuces are close to harvest as dry soil will likely encourage the plants to produce flowers instead.


  • If you press the head of the lettuce and it’s firm, it’s ready to harvest.
  • When you spot a central stem, the harvest will be over as this signifies that the plant will soon bolt and the leaves will taste bitter.
  • Marvel of Four Seasons has a long period for harvesting and for the best-tasting lettuce, harvest in the morning and eat the same day.


Radish is another easy plant that can be placed in any size garden as they are fast-growing and can be harvested only four weeks after sowing them. Sow your Radish about every two weeks in fertile, moist soil in the summer for the crunchiest of salads.


  • Sow little and often with Radish and ensure they grow successfully without any checks to their growth.
  • You can sow March to mid-August; or for an earlier crop sow in February under protection. This can be in your garden in the ground, in a container or even in a growbag.
  • Make sure you sow your seeds thinly, 1cm deep and about 2.5cm apart.


  • There should be little need for thinning if you don’t sow too thickly, but if it is required, you should do so quickly.
  • The soil should be kept moist for quicker growth, and to prevent splitting. If you sow in hotter months, extra care will be needed.


  • Radishes must be harvested relatively young so that they taste great.
  • Pull Radishes when needed, however make sure they don’t mature and become inedible.

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