Organic in five principles

Organic in five principles

It’s often easier to explain what organic gardening isn’t than what it is.

Everyone knows about not using toxic chemicals, but there is much more to creating a resilient and healthy natural growing space.

Garden Organic has launched a new booklet which summarises the five organic gardening principles: feed the soil, encourage wildlife, use resources responsibly, avoid harmful chemicals and keep your growing area healthy (rather than merely pest- and disease-free). It aims to help you develop your growing methods so that you can progress towards becoming truly organic. A traffic light system highlights Green – best practice, Amber – next best alternative, and Red – never acceptable in organic growing. Based on the original Organic Gardening Guidelines, it has helpful ‘dos and don’ts’, plus new sections and illustrations. There are also appendices with detailed information on contentious topics including mineral-based fertilisers, plastics you can plant in, and wood preservatives.


The Principles of Organic Gardening can be downloaded free of charge from


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