RSPB'S Birdsong Initiative to Act on Climate Change

RSPB’S Birdsong Initiative to Act on Climate Change

Birdsong is set to sweep the country as the UK calls for politicians to act on climate change and the environment

On Thursday 17 October over five million people will hear soothing birdsong in over 5,000 unexpected locations including Westfield Shopping Centre, National Assembly for Wales, Murrayfield Stadium, Co-op stores across the UK and transport hubs including London Underground stations. This chorus will be added to with community organised events where people will join together to listen to birdsong with their friends and family and enjoy the relaxing sounds of UK nature.

The RSPB and its supporters will be playing birdsong across the UK to highlight the declines in UK wildlife, as the public call on their Government to address climate change and the environment as its legacy for future generations. Following May’s surprise UK top 20 chart hit, Let Nature Sing, a music track of pure birdsong, the charity is hoping to once again bring birdsong back into everyone’s life as a reminder of what we all stand to lose if the crisis facing nature is not addressed.

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New research from the RSPB has revealed that UK citizens aged 18-44 felt addressing climate change and the environment was the number one issue for today’s politicians looking to secure the long-term legacy of their Government. When respondents were asked to choose the top three issues, across all adults surveyed, climate change and the environment (38%) polled ahead of our future relationship with the EU (36%) as a long-term legacy issue for politicians to address, coming second just behind health (44%).

And more people are waking up to the crisis facing nature. When asked how they would describe the health of nature in the UK, almost six out of ten (59%) adults felt nature was not doing well or in crisis in the UK, with less than a quarter (24%) believing nature was doing well or thriving. When asked the same question in April 29% of people were confident that nature was doing well or thriving in the UK, with today’s stats highlighting the growing public understanding of the crisis facing nature.

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Rebecca Munro, the RSPB’s director of communications said: “Earlier this year Let Nature Sing got the public talking about what birdsong means to them and the shocking fact that the UK has lost over 40 million birds in just half a century. We all need birdsong in our daily life, but our natural world is in crisis, our wildlife is falling silent.

“This summer there have been deeply concerning reports and warnings published by IPBES and the IPPC. And the State of Nature report has revealed that a quarter of our mammals and half of the UK’s bird species are threatened with extinction.

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“When looking at the evidence it is no surprise to see that more people recognise that something is not right with our natural world, and that the public feel strongly that addressing climate change and the environment should be a top issue for today’s politicians looking to create a legacy future generations will be proud of.”

During the RSPB’s Let Nature Sing sound takeover, birdsong will be played in across the UK in offices and public places. Anyone interested in finding out more about the Let Nature Sing sound takeovers, hosting their own event or how to listen for free to RSPB’s birdsong radio should visit

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