Soil health with Fulvic Bio

Natural soil conditioner presented for the smaller user and hobby gardener.

Gardeners who are serious about improving the health of their soil as a means to better vegetables and flowers can improve the uptake of nutrients and minerals with fulvic acid in the form of Fulvic Bio.

Fulvic acid is a natural product approved by The Soil Association and is derived from the microbial decomposition of ancient organic matter. Fulvic Bio, from specialist fertiliser supplier Solufeed, naturally restores the soil biochemistry and rejuvenates tired, depleted and denatured soils or artificial growing composts or ‘growbags’ – whether they are peat or non-peat based.

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When used with water-soluble fertilisers they become more readily available to the plants as it encourages root development and improves plant health with greater resistance to disease or pest attack.

Bob Greensmith, of Solufeed, advises the optimal method of applying Fulvic Bio “is in liquid form to the growing media or as the soil is being prepared for planting” and then “at least twice during the growing season”.

Fulvic Bio is available in 500ml bottles available direct from Solufeed. Telephone 01243 554090 or visit

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