Sowing Carrots

Here are a few tips you might find useful for sowing carrots

  • The main sowing period is March through to June, though I have sown in July too with good results
  • Don’t sow in soil that has been freshly manured or your carrots will fork
  • If sowing in early spring, warm the ground up a little by covering it with black polythene for a few weeks prior to sowing
  • Rake the ground and take out as many stones as you can – you don’t want your seedlings fighting to get through
  • Create a drill about 1.5cm (½in) deep. You can make it a little deeper if you wish and add a thin layer of compost as an inner bed for the seeds to lie in
  • Sow thinly and then cover with soil, or you can cover with a layer of multi-purpose compost
  • Water in. If you’re starting in early spring season cover with a cloche or even with a layer of clear polythene (you can remove the latter once the seedlings start to emerge)
  • For stony or clay soils, go for a round variety such as ‘Paris Market’ –  quite chunky if you let them grow to full maturity

And here’s Steve demonstrating how to sow carrots in pots:

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