Springtime has sprung for hyacinths

Springtime has sprung for hyacinths

Hyacinths are the pearls of springtime and will take you on a spring breeze into the season we’ve been looking forward to for so long

With over two thousand varieties, the hyacinth spans all parts of the rainbow, with flowers of white, blue, pink, red, purple or any colour in between.

Now is the perfect time to start planting your hyacinths, whether you choose to arrange them as cut flowers in a vase or as pre-forced bulbs in your garden. To get the most out of your hyacinths, don’t place them near a fruit bowl because it will make the flowers fade sooner and don’t be afraid to put them outside, hyacinths can easily tolerate a few degrees below freezing.


Professional growers have been working since the autumn to start hyacinths sprouting, as soon as they do they are quickly sent to shops so as they can flower in your garden.

Did you know?

• The scientific name (Hyacinthus) originated from a character in Greek mythology by the name of Hyakinthos


• Hyacinths originally came from the eastern part of the Mediterranean region

• They are in the asparagus family

• They are symbolic of sportsmanship and pride


• They were the favourite flower of Apollo, the Greek sun god

*Source: iBulb.org


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