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A message from Steve Ott…

The growing season is in full swing and we can make the most of those long summer days; take time to sit back and relax and watch the plants grow – after all, gardening can’t be all work and no play! However, it is easy to think that our work is done sowing-wise and to forget to keep it going so we can have some fresh crops to provide autumn and winter pickings. There is a surprising amount that can be sown now as you’ll see when you read Emma Rawlings’ guide to sowing, starting on page 46.

Unfortunately, pests will be ever-present now and many of us will feel obliged to pick up the spray bottle to keep them in check. Before you blitz your crops check out our feature from gardening expert Ben Vanheems (page 68) who explains that there are lots of green ways to protect your precious harvests.

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We also have the very best advice on growing gooseberries from Anne Swithinbank and nutritious Kale from Rob Smith, plus all you need to know to grow cherries in small gardens. And if you are one to forget to make those successional sowings why not try perennial veg? They can be as beautiful as they are tasty. See page 52 for 12 of the very best for your plot.


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This month, our digital magazine features videos from Steve, Tony and Emma (plus guest appearances for KG kitty, Bella!) helping you with compost, cucumbers and bean frames.

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You’re got to be in it to win it, as they say – and this month, we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs! Click on the link below to enter in a few quick and easy clicks.

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Hot videos this month…

We’ve released even more helpful hints and tips on our YouTube channel for you this month including sowing perennial vegetables, perpetual spinach and kale, plus we take a look at a range of potting benches.

The Kitchen Garden Magazine Podcast…

This month in the third instalment of the Kitchen Garden Podcast presented by Rachel Atkins, Benedict Vanheems visits Catherine Horwood Barwise, whose Suffolk kitchen garden balances good looks with practicality and the joy of exceptional home-grown produce. Try it today!

On the forum…

The Kitchen Garden forum is buzzing with activity this month. If you’ve not visited before, or it’s been a while, pop on over and catch up with the community. Why not take a look at the seasonal tips to get started this month? Maybe you’re struggling with a particular pest or disease – we’ve got it covered! Or just go over and feedback on our new website, we’d love to know what you think!

Get in the kitchen!

There are lots of scrumptious recipes on our new website yet. If you haven’t found them yet, click here for a link direct to our cookbook!

If you’re feeling fruity, why not try out our Fresh Strawberry and Lime Mousse – you won’t regret it, we promise! For a quick and easy lunch recipe, give the Strawberry, Cucumber and Feta Salad a whirl. And for an indulgent but simple weekend treat, how about the Lavender Buttermilk Scones?

Finally, our brand new food blogger, the lovely Lucy, is regularly uploading yummy recipes on the site – check her out if you have a minute!

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