Bag up some herbs

Bag up some herbs

Quick and easy projects for beginners

This is a really simple cheap mini hanging veg garden made from an upcycled a Kitchen Garden Goody bag (sold at Harrogate Flower Shows. Come and visit us this year April 20-23).

With a charge for plastic bags we are seeing a lot more of these cotton shoppers are all over the place and they make fine plant containers.

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Simply line the cotton bag with a bin liner and fill with multi-purpose compost. When full trim off the excess bin liner at the top and tuck inside the top of the bag so it is not showing. Pierce a couple of drainage holes in the base of the bag with the end of some scissors. You could also cut slits in the front of the bag at this point and plant through the slits. Then plant up the top of the bag. You can use herbs or salad plants or tomatoes which will be available from garden centres from March/April time. You could even add some bedding to pretty it up. At least three to four herbs can be planted in the top of an average sized cotton bag and about two bush tomato plants. You could also push in some nasturtium seeds in holes in the sides or in the top as you plant which will give you some edible peppery leaves and pretty flowers. Water well and hang up. You could tie a knot in one handle to create a shorter loop and use a strong ‘S’ shaped hook from DIY stores to help hang the bag up. It will be heavy especially when watered so worth making sure the supports are strong enough. If using herbs such as thyme, sage or any of the perennials these will need to be potted on after a season in the bag.

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