Kitchen Garden Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

Kitchen Garden Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

The gifting season certainly comes around fast, meaning it’s time to check out our exclusive Kitchen Garden Christmas Gift Guide …

1. These buzzin’ Bumblebee Mugs are perfect for winter brews!

Price: £10, CJ Wildbird

The greatest gift of all for a Kitchen Garden reader would be… more Kitchen Garden. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving and grab a subscription to our Kitchen Garden magazine for a cracking £20!

This offer means that you save some pennies and the magazine gets sent right to your doorstep. Gardening and cooking fans will also enjoy plenty of quality features, images, interviews and more in our monthly issues.

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3. Keep your wheelbarrow organised year-round with the Barrobag

Price: £19.99, Barrobag

Indulge your furry friends this Christmas with their own personalised Pet Feeding Station Mat or a luxurious Pet Bed Mat, available in a range of colours and sizes, from rubber to luxury deep pile carpet!

You can add your pet’s name with a background theme of your choice with deeply embossed designs that are to a photographic quality to ensure your pets have the ultimate gift this Christmas.

The carpets and logo system are hard wearing, easily cleaned and power washable so these are perfect for Kitchen Gardeners whose pets like to make a mess at meal times!

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Steve Ott