Moveable feast

Moveable feast

Living in rented accommodation or just don’t have a big garden? Container fruit and veg growing is the perfect solution

If you live in rented accommodation you sometimes don’t feel like putting down roots but growing in containers means you can just move your garden with you. You can grow in practically anything as long as it holds the soil and has drainage. In the picture above you can see Tubtrugs have been used. These come in an amazing range of colours and sizes and cost. The 26l is an ideal size for fruit and veg growing but they do come much larger which are even better for larger specimens such as small fruit trees or fruiting shrubs such as redcurrants and blackcurrants. They sell a large shallow container which is 28.5cm deep and with a 57cm diameter. This would be ideal for a large surface area of salad leaves. Expect to pay roughly £6 upwards for the larger containers. This is a bit of an investment but they will last for years.

The Tubtrugs will need to have about 8-10 holes drilled in the bottom to provide drainage. You can fill the trugs with a general multi-purpose compost and you don’t need to remove all the compost for each new crop. Simply mix in some fresh compost and a sprinkling of Vitax Q4 or chicken manure pellets.

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If you move house simply call on a friend to help grab a handle, lift and take your veg plot with you.

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