Mudketeers diary-19th April 2017

What hungry gap?

April and May are months often referred to as the ‘Hungry Gap’ in veg gardening. It is a time when the winter veg is used up and the summer crops are still but seeds! I looked at my plot the other day and thought there wasn’t much on it until I went a-foraging.

For lunch today I had a few leaves of variegated Daubenton’s kale, three leaves from a pot grown kale ‘Nero di Toscana’, some chives, a few stems of Swiss chard and purple sprouting broccoli. I also have had some wild garlic flowers plucked from a nearby paddock that my brother owns. There is a huge swathe of them edging a pretty little stream. I chopped all the above up and added a few pine nuts and coriander (shop bought) and added a dollop of Philadelphia cream cheese with herbs. A dash of salt and pepper and I mixed the lot with some couscous. Mmmm delicious. No hungry gap today. Well satisfied!

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