New Microgreens To Try

New Microgreens To Try

 The selection of fast-growing microgreens just got even bigger with these new introductions for 2016

If your forward planning for spring 2016 wasn’t all it might have been, seedling salad crops offer a quick way of closing the ‘hungry gap’. Alongside the wide range of leaf crops that you can grow as microgreens, there are some intriguing new contenders to try this year:

= Sweetcorn ‘Bodacious’ from Suttons produces intensely sweet shoots; grow them in the dark to produce delicious pale yellow sprouts that can be harvested within 10 days.


= Alfalfa, also from Suttons, is more usually marketed as a sprouting seed, but it can be grown in trays to produce sweet, pea-flavoured shoots.

= Buckwheat shoots, from The Organic Gardening Catalogue, are very rich in nutrients and can be used for juicing or as a salad green.

= Sunflower shoots, also from The Organic Gardening Catalogue, have a sweet, nutty crunch, excellent in salads; harvest them at the seed leaf stage, as the true leaves are bitter.


= Also try: broad beans, amaranth, red-stemmed radish, garlic chives

Check out the microgreen ranges at:

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