Our top tips for protecting your plants during the heatwave

Editor, Steve Ott, shares his top tips for protecting plants, while temperatures soar to up to 40 degrees throughout the UK.

  • Keep plants watered, but if watering aim to water in the early morning or evening to avoid too much evaporation.
  • Once the soil is soaked spread a mulch over the roots to aid water retention and to cool the root zone.
  • Water at the roots rather than an overall spray of water over the foliage.
  • Shade the greenhouse with temporary old bed sheets or green netting if you don’t have proper shade material. For long-term protection consider spraying the glass with a liquid shading material which can be wiped off once the weather cools.
  • Damp down the greenhouse paths regularly to increase humidity and cool the atmosphere.
  • Open doors and windows fully.
  • In the garden shade containers or move them into the shade of a building and water regularly, taking care not to splash the leaves if in bright sunlight.
  • Group pots together to provide mutual shading.

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