Urban agriculture; improving household growing!

Urban agriculture; improving household growing!

Today, when nearly half the world’s population lives in urban areas, an increasing number of people don’t have access to a garden…

It’s because of this that we have begun to see a new trend – urban gardening.

But urban gardening isn’t just flowers – people are looking to improve their growing knowledge. Growing herbs and vegetables at home has many health and social benefits, it’s therapeutic, there is a complete absence of food miles, it’s quality assured with exciting varieties available and it makes a small contribution to saving the planet – especially in big cities where air pollution is a major issue. Plants take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to help them grow, so people are turning their balconies into jungles and growing chilli plants and herbs on bookcases, windowsills and in the home, contributing in their own small way to the global good… as well as cooking with fresh ingredients daily!

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But today’s growers don’t want to be carrying soil up to balconies and apartments – so the new offers tend to work hydroponically. Hydroponics is a technique that some say dates back to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – that’s not quite true, but you get the idea. It has been used for years in the commercial fruit and vegetable industry and more than 90% of tomatoes grown in the UK are hydroponically grown. It is effective, clean and results in higher yields.

Skyline Grower has taken existing hydroponic techniques and used them to create modern, quirky aesthetically pleasing products, that allow even the most inexperienced gardeners to grow their own herbs, vegetables and plants from home.

With a range of products from compressed soil, light, clean and easy to move, to complete spectrum nutrient feeds and table top systems that control everything including water cycles, Skyline Grower has teamed up with some high quality brands such as Lechuza, Botanium, PLANT!T and ROOT!T to showcase a full urban growing catalogue.

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If you are a keen gardener, or just a part-time green-fingered enthusiast who wants to grow their own herbs or plants, then Skyline Grower is the perfect place to purchase your next gardening gear. Check out www.skylinegrower.com and get FREE UK delivery on orders over £25.

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