Voting for the environment

Voting for the environment

These animals need protecting.

With the General Election fast approaching and canvassers out in force, environmental organisations are urging their supporters to seize the opportunity for a little reverse doorstepping. The next government will be making big decisions about food, farming, and wildlife and environmental protection, because most existing policies and protections are currently part of EU law – so this is a key moment to communicate your concerns.

The Wildlife Trusts suggests three key questions to ask canvassers:


1. What will your party do to ensure our wildlife laws remain strong and that steps are taken to restore the damage we have done to nature?

2. What will the candidate do to ensure that wildlife thrives in our seas once more?

3. What will your party do to ensure we have new farming policies in the UK to provide for nature’s recovery?


The Soil Association’s suggestions include:

1. What does the candidate plan to do to protect our soils?

2. Will your party fight to maintain the highest food safety, animal welfare and environmental standards in all future trade agreements?


3. How will the candidate invest in and improve children’s health?

4. Will your party support widening public access to healthy, local and organic food and help build stable markets for farmers and growers?


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