Say Goodbye to Aches & Pains

Say Goodbye to Aches & Pains

New infographic gives gardeners tips on how to relieve their aches and pains 

The English weather is unpredictable at the best of times but when we enter this time of year the first bit of sunshine we get we head straight to the garden to get on with some much needed maintenance. Whether it’s tackling the overgrown hedges, planting the boarders or de-weeding the shrub beds, nearly all of us head out to get the garden looking up to scratch.


Whilst gardening is great for improving physical and mental health, the potential is there for some serious damage to be caused if activities aren’t conducted appropriately. Bad backs and sore knees are just some of the problems that can arise after a strenuous day of work in the garden. Did you know 400,000 gardeners need medical attention every year after injuring themselves in the garden?

To help you prevent these ailments Bakker have developed this highly informative infographic that provides tips and tricks to help battle the most common aches and pains that too often go hand in hand with a bit of manual labour.

Some of those tips included are:


• Don’t work after eating- blood will be directed towards the digestive system rather than essential muscle groups

• Warm up- although you’re not doing a strenuous workout always warm up, go for a brisk walk to get the heart pumping and blood flowing

• Use long handed tools as this will reduce any unnecessary bending and stretching


Say Goodbye to Gardening Aches & Pains

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